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Kim and Gail
413-539-2155- call us with questions!
Or fill out contact page with date/time/class you would like. We respond in less than 2 business days.

ECARDS are here!  
CPR Class calendar listing-
check the description on the CLASSES page to make sure you are signing up for the correct one- fill in contact us page to register.
We now accept VENMO for payment!!
Please do not come to class is you are experiencing any upper respiratory symptoms.  We will have to ask you to reschedule.  Each person has their own disposable valve for use during class- or we will just use the bag/valve mask, hand sanitizer is readily available and all surfaces are cleaned between participant practice.  We want you to be safe when coming to CPR.  We will be limiting class sizes as well! You can do the online portion first and just come for skills(times are listed below classes).
American Heart Association has extended your BLS renewal up to 90++days.
We also ask everyone to please come in wearing a face covering. 

Classes held at Greek Cultural Center, 22 Saint George Road, Springfield (but do NOT call the center please!)    

Healthcare Provider CPR classes- now called BLS Provider (nothing to do online) - for clinical, dental, and nursing positions- Fee with a CURRENT BLS CARD  - $50.
If you are taking this for the first time (or are expired by 5 months+), the fee is $60.   

SKILLS sessions require ONLINE FIRST are listed below the class dates- they are for one hour
We have added additional skills only times as well- contact us to find out!  

May 2020 BLS (classes that are full are no longer listed)  
Waitlist for 5/28 and 5/29 classes- inquire if you want to be listed. 

June 2020
Friday 6/5 1:15pm-4:45pm (1 spot left) 
Thursday 6/11 9:30am-1:00pm (4 spots left
Saturday 6/13 8:30am-12noon (1 spot left)
Monday 6/15 1:15pm-4:45pm (2 spots left)
Wednesday 6/17 6:00pm-9:30pm
Tuesday 6/23 6:00pm-9:30pm
Wednesday 6/24 9:30am-1:00pm
Monday 6/29 1:15pm-4:45pm

July BLS 
Friday July 10th 9:30am-1pm
Saturday July 11th 8:30am-12noon
Tuesday July 14th 6pm-9:30pm
Wednesday July 15th 9:30am-1pm
Wednesday July 22nd 6pm-9:30pm
Thursday July 23rd 9:30am-1pm
Friday July 24th 1:15pm-4:45pm
Monday July 27th 9:30am-1pm
Tuesday July 28th 1:15pm-4:45pm

Never a fee to reschedule.  Never a "late registration fee"! 

Renew via SKILLS ONLY VALIDATION FOR HCP- now called BLS HEARTCODE- with online course complete.  You must sign up for a date/time- there is limited seating for each session.    Fee is $35- dates listed here- pick date/time.  Please call or email us with any questions.  We are making changes as things happen. 

 5/28, 6/17, 6/23, 6/29, 7/14, 7/22, - 4:15pm OR 4:45pm         
 6/5, 6/15, 7/8, 7/24, --   11:45am                                                                                                  6/11, 7/23, 7/27---- 12:15pm                                                                                                       5/29, 6/24, 7/10, 7/15,  ----- 8:15am

Contact us for additional SKILLS ONLY -BLS HEARTCODE  (for HEALTHCARE Professionals) sessions - go to and purchasing the online version of the BLS Heartcode online part 1 ($28.50) and then schedule your practice and testing session.  The AHA updated their guidelines and a guided practice is required in order for your CPR card to be valid. 
Note: it MUST be the official onlineaha website not any other CPR that says it meets the AHA guidelines.  
       Please call or email with questions =we are always happy to help!

$60 for CPR/AED SKILLS only sessions- These have been resumed in MAY. Call/email for dates

We have  switched to the BLENDED learning format offered by the American Heart Association.  You will go to website and purchase the online component of the class- watch the videos and answer questions and do some simulation modules online.  Then you come in for HANDS-ON skills portion- it is the SAME EXACT AHA card that you have received in the past.  All online segments are found at

You click on filter by course topic, select Heartsaver and on the next page select the portion you want to take- you can do just Heartsaver first aid, just Heartsaver CPR/AED or Pediatric First Aid CPR AED- PAY the online fee of $20.00-$25.00.  The online portion can take several hours.  The in-person skills sessions will take about 20 minutes for first aid and up to 30 minutes for CPR.  The fees will be $50 for just First Aid skills, $60 for CPR skills, and $75 for both the CPR/First Aid skills combined. Call or fill out contact us page with any questions.

Springfield CPR and First Aid courses are usually held at the Greek Cultural Center(GCC) at the intersection of Plainfield, Main and Carew Streets.  Address is 22 Saint George Road Springfield. 
Please do NOT call the Greek Cultural center.
Parking lot in rear of the building.  Easy to get to off of Route 91.
We would love to come to your site for a group of 8 or more at the same posted prices for BLS course! 
Group discounts are available as well for classes of 13 or more. 

Student manuals are available for all classes and should be reviewed before coming to class.  We have them before class or you can obtain them online   The 2015 guidelines are the newest manuals available and will be good until 2020. 

Basic Life Support (BLS) For Healthcare Providers Student Manual - $15.00

Pocket masks are available for purchase as well - includes adult and infant size for $12.00.

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